Who we are?

An overview about our company

Green Solar Tek - A Renewable Energy Solutions Company.

Having offices in New Delhi & Chennai – India, we specialize in the supply of Solar Panels, LED Lighting, and Renewable Energy Projects & Solutions.

Our mission is to provide an effective and economical Renewable Energy Solution to Industries, Homes, Institutions and Business Establishments.

Renewable energy is the need of the hour and the future...!

Today with shortage of conventional energy sources like Coal, Gas & Petroleum the need for Solar Energy is increasing.

Sunlight can be used to directly generate electricity by the use of photovoltaic technology. The use of solar cells or photovoltaic arrays is getting more and more acceptable as an alternative and cost efficient means of generating power.

Sunlight concentration is also another way of using solar energy. Heat is also more readily usable than the energy in sunshine. You can use it for heating a building or for cooking or even for generating electricity.

Green Solar Tek specializes in providing turnkey solutions in the supply of products that can be used to conserve energy and work on solar energy as well as provide a 360-degree solution in generating Solar Energy.

Our Management

Green Solar Tek has a well established team of Technical, Sales, Support & Implementation team to ensure a high level of quality and support in setting up renewable energy projects.


My goal is to reach out to the maximum in providing renewable energy solutions in india.

Director - Sales And Marketing
Mobile : +91 98400 93858

Technology upgrade and High quality implementation not only increases efficiency but also gives better results to our solutions

Director - Technical
Mobile : +91 98917 53200

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